Our recent perfect partner competition further highlighted the importance of perfectly packaged cases.

In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day we wanted to put a focus on the benefits of perfectly packaged cases and how much we love (sorry!) supporting you in doing so where necessary. This is so that you get products over the line for your clients – and because helping people onto and along the property ladder has been part of The Nottingham’s DNA for over 170 years.

Well done to the six winners – Simon Hewitt, Kerry Nash, Chris Adams, Olivia Morley, Carly Naylor and Philip Whitworth – who won £25 vouchers when their names were drawn out of the hat in our weekly draw. Well done to you all – what a great start to 2021.


During the competition our dedicated BDM team did a great job in intercepting new cases that needed work, ensuring brokers were aware what was necessary and encouraging you to submit the required paperwork with the application on the upload section of our broker portal system.

But it’s a two-way relationship, and what a great job you have done in really stepping up and working with the BDMs to ensure we see the best quality of packaged cases. What a transformation in terms of improved applications from some we were receiving before the competition.

It was great to see how you got involved and enjoyed the fun element and to celebrate those that have been our weekly winners – who have no doubt enjoyed that winning feeling.

Our BDM who received the most perfectly packaged cases during January, Ian Hoggart, sums up the process of a broker perfectly packaging an application, and how we can help, in these seven steps...

  • Concentrate on The Nottingham’s requirements. They are sent out with every DIP accept – if you are unsure then contact your BDM
  • Intercept new business. The BDM will look out and ensure you have the documents required or not to ensure we receive a perfectly packaged case
  • Submit completed cases. If we have laid out all our requirements in front of you, then you know everything you need before pressing submit
  • Keep the consistency. We will reinforce the above often and repeatedly to ensure everyone understands getting it right first time is a key message
  • Have strong working relationships. We shouldn’t be afraid to tell you that what you are thinking of sending is short of the mark if it is
  • Communicate challenges. Make sure you understand if the pack isn’t complete then your client may experience delays with their mortgage
  • Do all the above well and... the case goes straight to an underwriter for the underwriting process to begin.

Combine all this with our return to the kind of SLAs that we pride ourselves on – 24 hours for new registrations, one working day for new business cases and three working days for administration – and I’m hoping we can all look forward to a brighter year than the last one.

And there’s no reason why that can’t be the case if we keep building on positives like these and keep supporting each other in our common goal.

One of the ways we can do that is to maintain, and build on, our communication to you.

Throughout 2021 you can look forward to not just the usual product information coming your way, but also some new ways of sharing our news and views – a recent example being the introduction of our new mortgage desk matters monthly e-newsletter.

There’ll be blogs such as this from me and the business development managers, engaging social media content and videos too.

But don’t worry, we won’t be peppering your inbox in 2021. We know that many of you are too busy to pick your way through a plethora of emails from multiple lenders every day so we pledge to only send you communications that we believe will truly be engaging and helpful to you in supporting your clients.

As always we welcome your views. If you have feedback or ideas about any of our communications please email chris.kershaw@thenottingham.com or for queries about anything else, including a case you are putting together for a client, please don’t hesitate to contact the mortgage desk or your regional BDM.

We also hope to be back with another similar competition very soon. Watch this space.

Take care and stay safe.


Nikki Warren-Dean
Head of Intermediary Sales