New research* from the Nottingham Building Society shows the COVID-19 driven staycation boom has potentially inspired millions to consider buying a UK holiday let property. 

Christie Cook, Head of Mortgage Product at The Nottingham, said:

“Buying holiday lets is an aspiration for many – with some planning to go on holiday there, a significant number planning to live there permanently in the future and some seeing them purely as an investment.  

“The recent staycation boom has driven interest in UK holiday lets, particularly as the pandemic reintroduced people to the beauty of holidays in the UK.  

“We were, therefore, delighted to recently announce that we are now lending on holiday lets in England and Wales. As well as competitive rates, we’ve got some fantastic criteria points that are sure to bring some sunshine to you and your clients.”  

Find out more about our holiday let products and criteria.


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*Nottingham Building Society commissioned the consumer research company Consumer Intelligence to interview 1,470 UK adults online between June 17th and 20th 2022