We've made our buy-to-let range more accessible and cohesive than ever before!

We've responded to broker feedback by making a series of changes including lower Interest Cover Ratio (ICR) figures for standard BTL and limited company applications, and the removal of a required minimum income.

Here are all our new criteria changes:

  • Limited company ICR five-year calculation rate 4.75% (from 5.50%)  
  • No minimum income required (was £25k p/a single applicant, £40k joint) 
  • No requirement to see last month’s personal and business bank statements as standard 
  • Standard BTL Interest Cover Ratio (ICR) now 145% (from 165%) 
  • Standard BTL ICR five-year calculation rate now at 4.25% (was 3.95%)  
  • Maximum LTV for lending on flats raised to 75% (was 65%) 
  • Removal of all Covid-related criteria

Head of Mortgage Product, Christie Cook, said:

Christie Cook 300x180

"We’re delighted to bring such positive criteria changes to life, and believe they will make placing buy-to-let and limited company buy-to-let cases with us more accessible and cohesive than ever before.

"In turn, it’s a major positive for your customers and is the latest step in us highlighting our ongoing commitment to providing competitive and fit-for-purpose products, services and processes in the BTL space."