BDM in the spotlight - Rebecca Haith

Q&A with telephone BDM Rebecca Haith 

BDM in the spotlight will give you an insight into the lives of each BDM at The Nottingham. Telephone BDM Rebecca Haith started in April 2023 and covers our South and Southwest region. Rebecca shares details about her background and how she managed to help brokers overcome their hurdles. 

Please tell us about your background? 

I studied fashion communications at Liverpool John Moores university and I also lived in China for a year teaching EFL to kindergarten children which was a great experience. I have worked in customer facing roles over 13 years and have always enjoyed helping customers. After joining The Nottingham, I found an interest mortgages. I started as a Customer Service Adviser in the Retford branch in April 2021, joined the Mortgage Desk in July 2022 and then started as Telephone BDM in April 2023. I am now studying towards a CEMAP.

On average how many brokers to you speak to each day?

I would say 30 on average but this is going up as I get to know the brokers.

How are brokers adjusting to the new criteria changes? 

They are pleasantly surprised!

What is your favourite part of the job? 

Helping the brokers to overcome their hurdles. It’s nice when a broker doesn’t realise how easy we are to use or that we had a particular criteria they weren’t aware of and they can then place the case with us!

What do you think will be most important to brokers and why? 

Having someone who can pick the phone up and try and help them with their queries in a timely manner.  

Any questions brokers are asking about at the moment? 

More brokers are asking about interest only with the current cost of living and with our great new criteria, we can help a lot more customers with this. 

Please describe your ideal weekend? 

An ideal weekend would be brunch at one of my favourite café’s outside in the sun with my dog and my boyfriend. And then a nice long walk in the peak district somewhere or a day out discovering somewhere new. I’d then spend an evening having drinks with my friends.

Rebecca’s contact details
T: 07596 595 020

Headshot - Rebecca Haith