Lending criteria overview

See what we can and can't accept

With our new soft searches and flexible criteria, why not see if we can help you with those tricky to place cases? 
We don’t leave a ‘hard’ footprint on your client’s credit file at the DIP stage so why not test the water and see what we can do? 

Mortgage or secured loan arrears 2 in 24
Unsecured loan arrears 2 in 24
Single satisfied CCJ <£500 may be
considered. CCJs above £500 must be
satisfied for at least three years.
Satisfied defaults up to £250 may be
considered where there are none for
a mortgage, secured or unsecured
loans. Defaults >£250 must be
satisfied for at least three years.
Bankruptcy Discharged for three years.

In terms of the service requirements, the only document we need is for applicants who have been previously declared bankrupt. In these cases we just need the discharge certificate. For all other criteria points, no documentary evidence is required.