BDM in the spotlight - Samantha Watts

Q&A with field BDM Samantha Watts

BDM in the spotlight will give you an insight into the lives of each BDM at The Nottingham. This month we talk to Field BDM Samantha Watts who covers our Southwest region.

"I have direct access with underwriters and valuers so can try to weed out any potential issues prior to the case coming in..."

Please tell us about your background?

I have been a BDM at two other lenders previously and had a short stint of self employed advising with MAB were I joined a fantastic team of advisers and directors.  I did however miss being a BDM so came back into it and The Nottingham appealed to me because of its ambitious transition to widen their lending proposition

On average how many brokers do you speak to each day?

Between calls, emails and face two face meetings, I can have up to 100 interactions a day!

What is your most interesting/challenging case so far?

Oh by far the property whose only water supply was a natural spring in the garden, it had to have ph testing and other various testing from the local water agency carried out. Another interesting property enquiry was a property only accessible via a 4x4 !

How are brokers adjusting to the new criteria changes?

Really positively ! Cases that may not have fit before are now fitting, and cases that they cannot seem to place elsewhere are coming to us. The stretches we have made to affordability being the biggest winners, especially combined with looking at latest year for self employed.

What is your favourite part of the job?

The thing that gives me the biggest buzz is giving brokers a solution. I feel brokers always have a full bucket and being the ‘’little bucket’’ to take some of the load away really makes me happy, like when they finally find somewhere that takes their case despite all the nuances or when they come to a hurdle but we work through it to get them the best result for their client.

What do you think will be most important to brokers and why?

Communication, Consistency and Competitive Products/Policy. The why is easy – to build their trust and win their business!

What distinguishes the best brokers you deal with?

All the brokers I speak to in the Southwest are lovely but I would say the best outcome for brokers cases come when they have had the time to run the case past me first and I have been able to check other details of the cases with them first. I have direct access with underwriters and valuers so can try to weed out any potential issues prior to the case coming in. The best broker offices for me would be ones that contain a coffee machine, an office dog and a loo! Because we are on the road so often haha!! 

Any particular questions brokers are asking about at the moment?

I have frequently been getting brokers ask if our affordability calculator is correct because its trumping others by tens of thousands of pounds !  

Please describe your ideal weekend?

Surfing down in Devon, bonfire and marshmallows on the beach in the evening, a long dog walk with my two weeners (sausage dogs) and a (veggie!) roast dinner on the Sunday!

Samantha's contact details

T: 07976 413 025