We've introduced soft search
At the DIP stage


We’re delighted to announce that your clients will no longer have a ‘hard’ footprint left on their credit file at the application and decision in principle (DIP) stage when they apply for a mortgage with The Nottingham.

As part of our ongoing commitment to evolving our mortgage proposition, we’ve introduced soft searches, via Experian, at the start of the process.

It means you can apply for a DIP on behalf of your client safe in the knowledge that it won’t impact on credit rating until it is converted into a full mortgage application.

At that stage we’ll then focus on factors such as a customer’s income, financial circumstances, if mortgage payments are affordable now and in future and look more at credit history, as part of our policy of responsible lending.

"Really positive for brokers and their clients"

It’s a move that has been welcomed by experienced Head of Mortgage Product, Christie Cook, who took up a new position with The Nottingham in January.

Christie, who has 25 years of mortgage experience under her belt with the likes of Kensington Mortgages, Bank of Ireland and Glenhawk, said: “The introduction of soft credit searches at application stage is really positive for brokers and their clients.

“A strong driver for me to come to The Nottingham was hearing about its dedication to reinventing how it does mortgages and this is a great example of that.

“What’s fantastic is that all this is just the start of an exciting year where there will be more initiatives and products announced, all of which slot nicely into our ethos of listening to feedback from, and being built around, brokers.

“Most importantly of all the aim is to continue helping people put roofs over their heads – something The Nottingham has been proud to do for over 170 years and that I’m extremely proud to be part of now, too.”