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Registered intermediaries can assess an applicants’ borrowing ability, submit an AIP and a mortgage application, upload documents and track case progress via our online services

Affordability calculator

We assess an applicant’s borrowing ability for a residential mortgage using an application affordability calculation, based on their income, commitments and expenditure.

This will confirm the maximum amount we will be prepared to lend.

Before you begin inputting a residential AIP/application into our broker portal system you must have completed and saved an application affordability calculation for your client(s).

Not yet registered with us?

We offer a quick affordability calculator for those advisers yet to register with us. This affordability calculation cannot be saved or submitted with a mortgage application.

We hope you find this facility helpful and that it encourages you to register.

Application manager

Our application manager will show you the progress of each of your applications submitted through our broker portal system. It will also allow you to upload the required supporting documentation and download a copy of the mortgage offer.

Technical information

Affordability calculator and document upload system

  • Our system is compatible with Internet Explorer version 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome.
  • If you use any other type of browser you may experience problems.
  • Pop-up blockers need to be switched off on your system.

Broker portal system

  • Our system is compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox on Windows desktop and Safari on Apple Mac OS.
  • If you use any other type of browser you may experience problems – we are working to upgrade our systems to allow more browser compatibility.
  • Pop-up blockers need to be switched off on your system.

Help with our broker portal system

  • Our broker portal system has a comprehensive help and advice section on the home page. If you need additional help, please call the intermediary support team on 0344 481 2010 and press option 4.


Join our panel

Before you can do business with us you will need to join our panel.


Rental calculator

How much can your client borrow for a buy-to-let property?


Affordability calculator

Calculate your client's borrowing ability. Save, amend and review information.


Access our document library

You can access the full range of useful forms in the document library.


Broker portal system

Obtain your mortgage illustration & AIP, submit applications and track business online.


Current product range

Download a copy of the current mortgage rate card.